Andy Taylor and Simon Corner had some 50 years of Supply-Chain Management experience between them when they first met in 2012. They had been working as independent consultants for around two years, having accumulated the majority of their experience as full-time employees working for large blue-chip companies.

They met whilst working on the same project for an international engineering company and it was clear that they shared key values and supply chain experiences which drew them together. Great believers in teamwork, it became apparent that pulling their resources would prove far more potent for a client, than working individually. This collaboration gave birth to Pulse44 Limited.

With the existing client Pulse44 quickly gained momentum, as their joined-up approach hit the right notes. Indeed, Simon and Andy found themselves requiring more like-minded SME’s to help support the demand. For the next three years, working with a single client was very rewarding, but working full time and running the business was taxing – something had to change!

Simon and Andy realised that there was a niche in the market for what they could offer, this was predominantly tailored supply chain support, delivering practical results to practical problems. Whether working at the strategic level in the boardroom or on the production line. It was not around delivering a document of change or using lots of fancy consultancy words, but much more about the practical application of support to deliver ‘real results’, which the clients really liked.

Enter Lindsay Leong!

Lindsay is a supply chain specialist, who has worked for blue chip companies all her working life.
On responding to a Pulse44 advertisement for support, she really impressed Simon and Andy with her approach and professionalism. They knew they had found someone special and wanted to use Lindsay’s skills to take the company to a new level. This change gave birth to Teal Partners Ltd in June 2015.

Two years on, Teal is operating across a number of different clients and industries and is constantly building relationships and networks to support businesses.

Teal’s success proves that if you are offering practical solutions to businesses that recognise the need for help, then the results can be immensely rewarding for all parties.

Here’s to the future of Teal and to supporting industry where it needs it most.